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"By this stage it was becoming apparent to my immediate family that I might never gain the independence that is mandatory to being a grown up. But I was determined to give it all I had."

– Scott B Harris from the book Crashing Into Potential

Scott B Harris’s journey started back in 2008 when he was spending the day dirt bike riding with his mates. At around 3pm in the afternoon, the unthinkable happened. Scott and his friend were both sprawled on the ground unconscious and with catastrophic injuries following a head-on collision.

After weeks in a coma and longer still with amnesia, Scott had a long recovery ahead of him. Over the painfully slow years of recovery, Scott learnt how to overcome adversity but it was not easy.

His book ‘CRASHING INTO POTENTIAL: Living with my injured brain’ is conversational, deeply engaging and relatable for a young audience. He is a hands-on learner, so his story really engages those doing the VCE Vocational Major pathway. This resource is packed full of work designed around his book and is comprised of lesson plans and activities that meet outcomes for Units 1 and 2 of VCE Vocational Major Literacy.

Students that completed these activities in 2023 appreciated the different task types and even the most reluctant learners expressed how much they connected with Scott’s story.

View a sample activity:

View a sample activity:

This program consists of:

  • Teaching resource
  • 20+ activities that engage varied types of learners
  • Keynote presentation (Optional)
  • Overcoming Adversity Workshop or Resilience Workshop (Optional)

Program Evaluation

The CRASHING INTO POTENTIAL framework that is used throughout the CIP programs has been assessed and evaluated to ensure the best educational practice.

CIP doesn’t just give students tools to overcome adversity, our research has shown great success in building students' resilience.

Data Analysis Summary  

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Students will learn

Students can complete journals based on the thoughts and experiences of Scott or someone close to him and plan, write and present an oral presentation on another ‘Unlikely Hero’. These both meet Unit 1 VCE VM Literacy Outcomes.

The final task is for Unit 2 Outcome 1, a World Issues brochure focusing on the need for greater awareness and support for those with invisible illnesses and disabilities.

Scott’s keynote speech well complements this resource pack and it is highly recommended that if possible schools also book him to come and speak to their students to create a face-to-face relationship.

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"There are many motivational speakers, but Scott B Harris is so much more. Scott’s story is one all young people should hear. Scott is a resilient young man who inspires his audience to chase down their dreams, fail as a way to learn and accept that the greatest asset an individual can have is a positive mindset.

Scott’s story invites us all to learn some valuable life lessons, have a laugh and reflect on how goal setting can be the road map to a great life. Reading his book was inspiring, meeting Scott and watching him work with our students was amazing!"

– Cheryl Kane

Child Safety & Wellbeing Coordinator, Aquinas College


"I have known Scott for many years and have had him speak to staff and students at ELTHAM College over the past three years.

His story, the way he presents it, and the response he receives from people of all ages has been consistent and outstanding.

His natural, honest and inspiring story and presentation has the ability to motivate students to just 'have a go' and never feel you cannot achieve your goals. A wonderful young man with a will to achieve great things."

– Mark Pobjoy

Director, Senior Year, Eltham College


"I would like to thank Scott, for inspiring me at a time when I truly felt lost. Year 12, and the pressure’s we all feel to decide your life’s path at such a young age is tough, however the impact Scott Harris’s story has had on my life, and my choice of career is enormous.

Scott’s story of courage, determination and positivity is the sole reason I decided to study to become an occupational therapist. Scott’s passion, and message of courage inspired me to choose a career that will allow me to help people to live their lives independently.

In 2015, I completed my Masters of Occupational Therapy, and am now a qualified Occupational Therapist. Thank you, Scott, for inspiring me to follow the career path I never knew I wanted but am forever grateful for! "

– Caitlin Smith

Ex-Student, St Helena College


"When a year 12 boy left the presentation and then decided to come all the way back to the theatre to thank you personally for your presentation, and to say that was just what he needed... that is EXACTLY why you should do what you do. If you only reached that one student today, it still has been worth it.

I feel like you may have had a bigger impact though!

Thanks so much!"

– Roz Wilson

Monbulk College


"I was really impressed with your story, and I found it so interesting to hear how you recovered from such adversity. It was so cool to hear how you went from so low after your accident, to so high, and how you did it.

Thanks a lot."

– Brendan Thompson



"We had Scott B Harris visit us today at Nagle College and we are so appreciative of his time to speak with our students.

Scott inspired them to overcome the challenges and every day adversities they face. His presentation was so inspiring, which is exactly what the kids needed to hear. I know that he has had a lasting impact on all of our students."

– Gabrielle Costin

Deputy Principal, Nagle College


"Throughout the whole presentation, the girls were all very engaged, and really appreciated hearing Scott’s story and how he was able to overcome adversity. It really made them stop and think about the choices they are making, which was such an important message when they are coming to the end of their schooling.

Finding gratitude in their own lives was one thing that they all took away from this presentation, and Scott gave them strength to take on adversity next time they’re faced with a challenge."

– Hayley Gamble Curran

Loreto House Coordinator, Our Lady of Mercy College


"Scott B Harris is a remarkable keynote speaker who has the ability to capture and inspire audiences from all walks of life. It has been a pleasure and honour to see Scott involved in SFYS Project work delivering an outstanding keynote to primary school age students residing in East Gippsland Victoria.

Scott’s laugh is infectious, his empathy and connectedness to raw emotions empowers his young audiences. Scott drives the often-harsh realities of life; he has the insight and emotional maturity that speaks to the hearts of his young audiences through a nurturing and often humorous translation.

I highly recommend Scott B Harris as a speaker of choice for any young person standing at a crossroad in life seeking direction. Scott facilitates raw introspection to assist the development of a positive, growth mindset. This man is courageous, one of the finest human spirits you will ever meet who will leave you feeling that you can achieve anything you set your mind to."

– Tammy A Boyer

Founding Director iCARE Consulting Services, Department of Education and Training Victoria


"I admire Scott’s authenticity and his courage to share his story. The lessons he shared with us today have a direct connection to where we are as a team and as a business, and the importance of having that growth mindset.

His presentation has had a profound impact on me personally and the team today as well. He really took us on a journey and stripped himself bare in terms of where he’s come from what he’s learned along the way. What a brilliant presentation."

– Tony Rossi

State Head of Small Business Banking, ANZ


"I found Scott's talk so inspirational.

I thought it was truly amazing how he didn’t give up when travelling and it made me realize just how lucky I am. Every day I truly wake up and think I am so grateful for life. He was a truly remarkable man who is a true inspiration and an awesome speaker!"

– Hayley Sherrington