Let me tell you a secret… I love this world we’re living in right now!

Repetition is the mother of skill. This little gem is as old as the hill's and it’s still kicking around. Why? Because it’s true.

With Covid-19 gaining legs and spreading its wings throughout the community, many schools are now bunkering down and running their classes from their makeshift, in-house, classrooms. Let's rephrase that: many...

Getting Distracted
Have you ever observed the behavior of a small puppy in the garden on a sunny spring day? You might notice the bugs and butterflies, fighting oh so hard for...

Think before you talk
We all know what it feels like to see those cool Nike’s in the window and then think to ourselves, “I’d look nice strolling the streets with those kicks on”.

Sensory Overload
I’ll start by telling you a quick story. So it was mid-2016, about seven and a half years after my accident, and I really wanted to buy a hat.

meditation sun
I’ll say this again because I am such a believer in this: The mind is the most powerful thing in the world.

Cognitive Dysfunction
Our cognitive capacity forms as we grow. The older we get, the further our cognition expands.

Pen And Paper
“Write it down, quick before you forget, quick, do it now, quick… too late, sorry I’ve forgotten what you said. Can you say it again?”

overcoming 1673170 1280
To achieve our goals, we need to employ persistence into our attitude.

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