Smiling in the slums
Overcoming adversity is a universal challenge we all need to know how to fight – and understand – if we want to thrive in our time here.

7 Powerful Techniques to Reframe Negative Thoughts at School
In our modern society, navigating school life can, sometimes, be overwhelming and stressful. Academic pressure is the number one cause of burnout, and negative thoughts may creep into our minds,...

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Here at CRASHING INTO POTENTIAL (CIP), we believe that being resilient and overcoming adversity isn’t as simple as a Wellbeing class once a week, but in fact, is a complex...

WCWS Approach
Education isn’t just about getting good grades, it’s also about developing students into well-rounded adults that can take on the world.

Throughout the last 15 years, I have had to learn the art of being resilient. The art of taking challenges head-on (and yes, every corner I turn there’s a new...

growth mindset
In our journey through life, we encounter numerous challenges, opportunities, and moments of self-discovery. At the age of 12, students stand on the threshold of a crucial period of their...

Have you ever said, “Whoops, sorry I totally lost track of time! One minute I was playing chess with a mate and the next it was past my bedtime”? No?...

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In recent years, I’ve learnt so much about the brain that my biologist teacher guy at school would be super impressed with my efforts.

Girl with books
I think you can agree that when things are going A-OK in life, there are plenty of things to be grateful for.

Have you heard of the AI chatbot called ChatGPT? Of course, you have! It’s the latest phenomenon to take the internet by storm.

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