Disability workshop | Scott B Harris

Living with a brain injury every day is one of the most challenging things that one can face but living and working WITH someone who has a brain injury is sometimes harder.

Living with a brain injury requires an understanding of this invisible illness that can only be brought to you by someone like Scott.

He has experienced first-hand, nearly every side effect of a severe Traumatic Brain Injury, yet he can still articulate this to the audience. This puts him in an incredibly powerful position to help educate others.

The audience will leave with a greater understanding of life with an invisible disability. This workshop is a good chance for Psychology students to ask questions and talk with someone with lived experience.

Students will learn:

  • Scott’s story
  • What it feels like to live with a brain injury
  • Effects on the brain from frontal lobe damage
  • What parts of the brain control
  • xxBest way to help people with an invisible disabilityli>


2 hours



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